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Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction and equally troubling sexual problems at some point in their lives. However, there are many sexual problems that occur at the same time as ED, so it’s almost a chicken-and-egg-type scenario. Issues like premature ejaculation, for example, can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

What exactly is erectile dysfunction?

Most people, today, must have heard about the term male impotency or erectile dysfunction. But they are not fully aware of this medical disorder. If you have trouble getting or maintaining an erection that is firm enough to have sex, you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED).

Can erectile dysfunction also indicate some other disease?

Since erectile dysfunction occurs when there’s not enough blood flow to the penis to sustain an erection, many cases can be linked to physical conditions, such as vascular disease, thyroid imbalances, diabetes, and hypertension.

However, your doctor can diagnose the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction and can also prescribe ED drugs like Fildena 100 to help you improve the condition of male impotency.

Can younger men also become susceptible to erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is considered to be a medical condition that occurs in men who are above 40-50 years of age. However, it can happen to even younger men. Due to the hectic lifestyle and suffocated work schedule, men are suffering from depression and insurmountable level of work pressure that has impacted their lifestyle, negatively.

Are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation the same thing?

Many people think that the ED problem and premature ejaculation are similar. However, they are totally different. While it’s best known as a nuisance to younger men who are just beginning to explore a sexual relationship, it happens in men of all ages at about the same rate. If you ejaculate before or very soon after initiating sexual activity, you could be experiencing premature ejaculation.

What is delayed ejaculation?

Delayed ejaculation occurs when you have trouble climaxing during intercourse, or after prolonged sexual stimulation. It can be caused by nerve damage or thyroid disease.

What is Fildena 100?

Fildena 100 helps in aiding the impotence among males and is known to treat the disorder most naturally and efficiently. Fildena 100 can also be used in the treatment of Hypertension and Hyperplasia. It is a generic version of the popular Viagra that consists of Sildenafil to cure erectile dysfunction in men. Fildena 100 also uses the same PDE-5 inhibitor Sildenafil Citrate and helps men to preserve an erection.

Fildena 100 reviews have created a storm on the internet as no other medicine has created quite a buzz for its positive effect on men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Fildena 100 is manufactured in India by a well-known pharmaceutical company called Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd that produces quality drugs at an affordable rate. Their generic drugs are popular and desired due to their effective results and excellent efficiency. Approved by FDA, Fildena 100 is medically tested and deemed safe for public consumption. However, it should only be taken after proper doctor consultation. Read Fildena 100 reviews for a better understanding of the product.

How does Fildena 100 work to fix the erection problems in men?

Fildena 100 is an oral medication that uses Sildenafil Citrate as a primary and active ingredient in treating ED disorder and other male sexual problems. Sildenafil Citrate is an FDA-approved drug that is a PDE-5 inhibitor and is widely used in treating male sexual problems. Fildena 100 uses the extra-strength dosage of Sildenafil Citrate in the 100 mg dosage that is more than enough for any severity of the problem.

Fildena 100 helps in the dilation of blood vessels and also removes the clogged arteries. It increases the level of concentration of cGMP and nitric oxide inside the body so that the muscles and tissues around the male genitals and the pelvic area get relaxed and you can have a uniform blood supply to the penis.

As the blood vessels expand and contract for a longer duration than usual, it maintains a steady flow of blood to the penis during sexual intercourse. Thus, it allows the penis to remain rock hard than usual and helps you to last longer and enjoy healthy sexual intercourse. Fildena 100 can help you regain your lost confidence and boost your morale.

It is highly suggested to discuss your problem with a medical practitioner to get the right dosage. Many people take self-decision when it comes to taking ED medicines, it should be noted that any self-decision may cause severe health damage that may leave irreversible damage.

How to take Fildena 100?

Fildena 100 is an oral medication that is highly effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. It comes in a compact tablet form to make it easier to consume. The patient can take one tablet of Fildena 100 with a glass of water and swallow it without crushing, splitting, or chewing it.

This drug takes at least 30 minutes to get absorbed in the body. Hence, it is highly recommended to take this medicine 40-50 minutes before getting involved in any kind of sexual activity. This will give medicine sufficient time to get absorbed in the system. Once taken, the medicine will provide 4-5 hours to enjoy sexual pleasure without any difficulty.

Take one tablet of Fildena 100 with normal water within 24 hours. Do not exceed the dosage or alter the dosage and take the dosage as prescribed by your doctor. It is an oral medication that can be taken very easily by mouth. Do not split or chew that tablet and take the tablet as a whole. It can also be taken with or without food.

Avoid taking a heavy meal that is fried or oily in order to keep the functioning of the medicine intact. If taken after a heavy or fatty meal it won’t affect the overall functionality or the result of the medicine but will make the medicine start working than usual. Read Fildena 100 reviews for a better understanding of the product. For reaping the maximum benefits of the tablet, you need to be sexually stimulated as just taking the tablet won’t work much.

What are the Fildena 100 side effects?

Although it is safe and reliable to take the Fildena 100 tablets daily as per the prescription, given by your doctor, however, there are certain common side effects that you may or may not face during the medication period. These side-effects can be felt for a shorter duration and may be felt from mild to severe.

These side-effects will stay for a temporary period, and once your body gets adjusted to the chemical composition of this medicine, these side-effects will go away. Here is a list of Fildena 100 side-effects that you might or might not experience:

  1. Headaches are common
  2. Partial loss of hearing
  3. Blurred vision
  4. Dizziness and Drowsiness
  5. Sleeplessness or problem with sleeping
  6. Nasal congestion
  7. Nausea
  8. Stomach upset or Diarrhea
  9. Skin-flush or Heartburn
  10. Muscle, chest, or back pain can be normally felt
  11. Priapism or longer erection
  12. Excessive sweating or fainting
  13. Flushing

In case you feel uneasy or uncomfortable after taking the medicine then immediately stop taking any further medicine and visit the doctor on an urgent basis for the check-up. Also, if these symptoms persist for a longer time, seek medical help.

What are the precautions one must take with Fildena 100?

  1. Don’t take it without a prescription; your doctor would check the medical background for deciding your dose.
  2. Don’t get influenced by the use of your friends or acquaintances, use it only after you have shown it to your certified physician.
  3. Don’t give it to any other person even if they have the same symptoms as yours.
  4. Don’t take it with other drugs. The excessive chemical in the body might cause dangerous side effects— as harsh as a heart attack.
  5. Throw away the expired pills. Dispose of it in such a way that it’s not discoverable to others.
  6. Don’t take it immediately with food, alcohol, beverages, or grape juice. The onset of the drug will get delayed.
  7. It’s not a sexual stimulant. You will need to be aroused to make it useful. So, make a note that you don’t consume it because it isn’t working.
  8. Don’t fall for duplicate or counterfeit products. Check the mark of the manufacturing company and get it confirmed by the doctor.
  9. It doesn’t prevent you from sexually transmitted infection and disease. Don’t take it as a Protease inhibitor (Virus or infection killer).

Storage Instructions

It is always advisable to keep the medicines away from direct sunlight, heat, or moisture. Do not use the medicines if it is expired. If you are planning to stop using the tablet then dispose of the medicine carefully. Keep it away from pets and children as it is not recommended for women and children below 18 years of age.

Do not consume alcohol while taking Fildena 100 as it will result in drowsiness and dizziness. It will also affect your daily functions. It is not recommended to consume alcohol as it will affect you with the tasks that require active attention.

Buy Fildena 100 mg tablets online from us and get the genuine product at the best rate with our fast delivery. Always buy the medicines from a trusted source and do not purchase medicines from any source. You can read the Fildena 100 mg reviews online for a better understanding of the product.

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6 reviews for Fildena 100 Mg

  1. Ralph Fiennes

    Your staff is very polite and the quality of the product is also very good. store provides the best customer service. I guarantee to be a future customer.

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    The store offers the best quality, fast delivery service, and low prices of fildena 100 mg medicine as well as the best store to buy online.

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    Everything from the website to the order was easy. I have bought from them many times and I think their products are of high quality. I only buy from them.

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    I have been using this service for a long time, never had a problem, the order is easy to process and delivered quickly so I would suggest you buy from here too. fildena 100 works best for me … excellent results .. !!

  5. Michael Schneider is an excellent store. This online store offers very fast delivery with excellent service. We thank this store for its excellent service.

  6. Roman Polanski

    Awesome product with the lowest price, this medicine gave me the best result. With the help of fildena 100, my ED problem has gone away in a very short time. I always make sure to buy medicine from here. Thanks :)

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